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深情密碼 – Silence

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深情密碼 (Silence) is a 2006 drama out of Taiwan. It stars Vic Zhou and Park Eun Hye. It also has Andy Hui, Megen Lai, and Kingone Wang in supporting character roles.

Vic Zhou plays the head executive of a successful real estate company in Taiwan. Vic is a workaholic with a troubled family life and engaged to his college sweet heart. However, as you find out, Vic shows very little emotions towards those that seem to extend their love to him. Vic’s Wei Yi character is presented as a cold and heartless man.

Park Eun Hye as Shen Shen is the total opposite. Someone that lives life to the fullest and show loves to all those around her. Shen Shen is special though. Shen Shen’s mother was from Korea, so Shen Shen is of mixed blood descent. An accident in her early teens caused her to lose her voice.

How does, Shen Shen and Wei Yi’s path collide? It’s a total use of drama magic. You know the story can’t move on without them meeting, so it happens over and over again.

Wei Yi is cold and heartless until he finds out that he has life ending cancer. As he gets worst and worst, Wei Yi’s outlook on life changes and Shen Shen becomes his focus.

The drama was really hard to watch in the beginning. Because I had rented the whole set at a time, I decided I had to watch it. I am glad I stuck around as the second half of the drama was pure drama magic.


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