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America’s Best Dance Crew – Season 5 – Usher Challenge

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A couple of nights ago was the eighth episode of America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 5), Usher Challenge.

The remaining five crews for season 5 took the stage performing to the music and moves of Usher. Usher pre-recorded tasks for the crews.

Jungle Boogie, Poreotix, and Hype 5-0 were the top three and moved on next weeks show. Poreotix had a very memorable performance. Gone are the days of isolations for 90% of the show. This young fellas threw in b-boy moves and played to the crowd. Five 5-0 also had a good performance. Jungle Boogie, wasn’t as into it.

Blueprint Cru and Saltare fell to the bottom. Both had ok, but not very exciting performances.

In all, I would like to see Hype 5-0 and Poreotix as the final two. Unfortunately, I think it’ll be Poreotix and Jungle Boogie as I look at the voting and the way the judges of been swayed. Jungle Boogie is riding a lot of good will from both the voters and judges. I don’t think that kind of karma can be stopped.


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