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I recently discovered Chinesemov.com. The site looks like a student web project from the 90s, but the info is top notch. You’re not going to get a lot of info, but the its enough for those of us that just need to know the year and country that these films came from.

The site also doesn’t contain the most up to date materials. What lead me to the site was my research on “Chengdu, I Love You“. I was under the impression that Gao Yuanyuan was in the movie. I didn’t know that the movie was originally conceived as a 3 story arc movie. And that each arc would be helmed by a major Asian director. The story for Gao was broken out into its own feature length movie, Season of Good Rain. Gao’s no longer in Chengdu, I Love You. As least, that’s what my research tells me, since I haven’t been able to locate a copy of Chengdu, I Love You.

In any case, the site only listed the pre-production data and didn’t update it as it changed. Which is the case for Wikipedia as well sometimes.

What I do like about the site is that it breaks up the movies into years and has an actual “poster” of it. That poster is invaluable to me since names are translated sometimes and not directly used.

This is just another tool I’ll add to my arsenal to look for movies and to do my write ups!


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