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陽陽 – Yang Yang

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陽陽 (Yang Yang) is a 2009 film out of Taiwan. The movie stars Sandrine Pinna. Supporting cast include Bryant Chang, Huang Chien-Wei, and He Si-Hui.

Sandra Pinna plays Yang Yang, a high school track student. The film starts with Yang Yang’s mother getting married to her high school track coach. The coach also has a daughter of the same age, Xiao-Ru, and they move into the same house. Xiao-Ru’s boyfriend Shawn likes Yang Yang more and gets a one time intimate exchange. Yang Yang doesn’t want to rock the boat at home and is very cold to Shawn’s advances after. Xiao-Ru finds out and adds steroids to Yang Yang’s water before a competition. Yang Yang is disqualified and leaves her home for a life in the entertainment. Yang is no ordinary teenage Taiwanese high school student. Yang is half-french and that brings her special attention. Specifically in the Taiwanese entertainment industry.

The movie was all over the place and the gorilla film footage was dizzying at times. The themes of the film was of the struggle of a mixed race person in Taiwan. People have automatic assumptions when they meet them. Here in LA, a mixed race person is very common. So it may be no big deal here, but still a big deal in Taiwan. The ABC factor was huge in the 90s and 00s. Recently, the novelty of ABCs in Taiwan has started to ware out. Because its so common in the entertainment industry now vs. 10 to 20 years ago.

Should you watch the movie? Yes if you like to see a slice of life Taiwan life and how mixed race interaction is. No if you’re looking for an enjoyable ride. The movie was a downer and the decisions for the characters were a little perplexing.


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